Premonition of Terror
International threats strike close to home in this psychic thriller.
DreamWatch began as a hobby, a website where everyday people post paranormal experiences. It was supposed to be fun—until premonitions from around the world predict the same catastrophic attack.
The last time reluctant psychic Kate Kasabian revealed a prediction, people close to her were hurt, but with thousands of lives at risk, she has no choice but to badger her FBI brother to investigate. He refuses to help. When she sets off to prove her suspicions, he thinks he's heard the last of her supernatural silliness—until the legendary Matt Chase from Counterterrorism alerts agents to a credible threat. ?
Tracking clues from Prague to New England, Kate trusts dreams and premonitions, while Chase relies on technology and global intelligence, but can their unlikely alliance stop U.S. plot? ?
Available where books are sold in print, ebook, Kindle, Nook.

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