Best Weight Loss Story (Ever) - Couple Loses 400 Pounds in Inspirational Weight Loss Journey

This is going to be one of the best weight loss story ever. Lexi and Danny started their weight loss journey in 2016 and their weight loss transformation is extraordinary losing over 400 pounds.

Just one look at their before and after pictures can serve as a great motivation for anyone looking to lose weight.

When the couple married in 2015, they were both overweight and their sedentary lifestyle and diet which almost entirely consisted of fast food caused them to gain even more weight.

It is when the couple started to have more serious discussions about starting a family they realized that they needed a drastic change in their lifestyle. And this what gave the couple to embark on their weight loss journey.

Now they are happier and closer than ever and their weight loss story serves as a source of inspiration to millions of people looking to lose weight all around the world.

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