WPC ecological wood wall molding technology introduction

Ecological wood siding from the shape, color, surface treatment is designed to provide a user-friendly choice, with excellent natural sensory effects. After determination of the professional inspection department with a paint-free, environmentally friendly, flame retardant, waterproof, Fang Zhu, anti-corrosion features, ecological environmental protection and ecological wood siding products in high temperature insulation effect is remarkable season, low season to prevent heat diffusion and improved building The use of performance and comfort, but also enhance the external beauty of the building, is widely used in large buildings, villas facade. Ecological wood wall panels series introduce European style design, and gradually lead the urbanization, environmental protection, fashion, green home trends.advantages outdoor composite lumber


Outdoor external wall insulation effect is remarkable hot season, cold season to prevent heat diffusion, improving the performance and comfort of the building, but also enhance the external beauty of the building, is widely used in large buildings, villas facade. The same can be done indoors decoration, decorate indoor environment, improve your lifestyle!easy to install patio flooring

It can beautify the building space, to show the public image of high-grade, adding a warm and harmonious atmosphere for business and office. Whether dining and entertainment, or office meeting space, it meets the people yearn for open, while the psychological need private space.

Mild color, every potential slip and natural antiseptic properties and beautiful natural water lines, widely used in landscaping, private garden, outdoor furniture and interior balcony. More suitable for larger flow of people in public places.composite deck manufacturers

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