Will EA update all transfer players’ card

Transfer news in football world is happening everyday and some players find new find a new direction for their careers during winter transfer window. There is Buy Fifa 17 Coins  a winter transfer in FIFA 16 too, for matching what is happening in the real transfer market, EA release new transfer cards of the players which moved from his club to another one in the real world.

It is easy to understand what is FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Winter Transfer, but there is some details and the best investment in it you should know.1.What will EA exactly to do for a player moves to another club?When a player moves to another club, EA will release the player’s new cards with new club which will start coming in packs. The player’s old cards that already existed remain the same with the old club on it, and will not get an update. So there will be 2 regular cards for one single player exists in game. You can have both cards in your club, but only one can be used in a squad.2.When does the transfer take place in FIFA 16?As there are two transfer seasons in the real world: Winter Transfers Season and Summer Transfers Season, EA usually release transfer cards at same time to updating the game. So the winter transfer in FIFA 16 takes place within January / February. FIFA 16 Winter Transfers takes place before FIFA 16 Winter upgrades.

Will EA update all transfer players’ card at one time?No, usually they release the new cards for transferred players in a certainly time, such as per week one update, but sometimes they would do a fast update, the transfer cards are released as the transfers are occurring.4.Do all transferred players get a new card?Supposedly the answer should be “Yes”, no Fifa 17 Coins PS4  matter the transferred player on loan or not, especially on the most popular leagues. But there are some exceptions.

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