When the kitchen fell in love with bamboo flooring

wholesale eco floor in today's environment is very common, as more and more consumer recognition of the wooden floor, in addition to interior designers increasingly willing to show in the past did not dare wooden floor laying places, such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, windows and the like. As long as there is proper installation methods and careful maintenance, in these special places will also wooden floors shine in. The kitchen is an easy moist, oil more places, so you can only use the kitchen floor tile, moisture-proof, easy to clean traditional view. But the kitchen floor tiles paving the biggest drawback is after wet slippery, people tend to fall. As technology advances, the kitchen floor decoration wood floor is also inserted into the foot, wooden floors began to enter the kitchen floor decoration.

And the Chinese people are used to, and the concept is different, European and American families in a large proportion of the open kitchen, most with wooden flooring as ECO Floor For Sale materials. Chinese people's kitchen space will dominate most of the tile, and home decor along with China gradually diversified, and now the wood flooring craft and technology has become more sophisticated, not only into the hall, but also under the kitchen. So what are the advantages kitchen flooring it? 1. foot feeling good because the kitchen is an easy to damp, oil in many places, the kitchen has always been easy to clean tile exclusive space, but one drawback is that people feel more tiles cold.

And tiles compared to wood flooring foot feeling better than tile, I feel more comfortable. 2. The non-slip safety flooring more softcompared with other materials, if the family unfortunately fell down, hit the wooden floor can reduce the harm, health care family. The kitchen is very easy to damp places, wet and slippery tiles, wood flooring is often more effective than the tile to prevent slipping, relatively safe. Mexican Ya Hui Lan floor in large discounts in ,3. At present, many home decor unified decoration living room, bedroom are wooden floors, if the kitchen is also installed on the Wood Plastic Composite Deck, it makes the whole room looks more harmonious, in favor of the home decor of unification, but also highlights the quality of life of the master bedroom.

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