Homes build as per the rules of Vastu is bestowed with peace and harmony. It is due to this reason that people hire the experts of Vastu Shastra to guide them through. Those who consider their homes as the architects of their destinations are meticulous and follow the useful tips of Vastu Shastra for home. If you are one of them and if the flow of natural and cosmic energies is important for you, given here are certain key vastu tips for home to ensure Vastu Shastra compliance in your homes. Let us have a quick look.

The right construction

Prior to constructing your homes, Bhoomi Pooja or (worshiping the earth) is very important. This is considered to be auspicious as it not only marks a good beginning, but heralds a good start too.

The Right Entrance

East is considered to be the most auspicious direction for entry to your homes. This is so because the sun rises in the east direction and so it brings all the positive energy and light into the household. There is another direction that your house entrance can be directed towards and that is North East.

The right Kitchen Location

For setting up kitchens, South-East corner is considered to be the most ideal place and all the cooking should be done facing to the East. But, the kitchen should never be located in front of the main door of your house.

Where Should the Master Bedroom Be Located?

South West corner is an ideal corner for setting up the master bedroom. When you do so, you will be to have a sound sleep away from the aroma or the noise. Not only this, rectangular and square shaped bedrooms are highly recommended so that the Avant-garde construction can be left to the other sections of the house.

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