use a receipt printer for the smaller professional

Beyond that your expense for paper tape is nil compared with invoices. You take the price of your invoices in pennies and divide that into 30000. For example, if you pay $.02 for each of your invoices then you would get 30000/2 = 15000. That tells you that you would need to run 15,000 cash receipts to make the printer pay for itself. Since any STORE POS SYSTEM will tell you how many cash invoices you run in month, it is simple to figure how many months it will take for the cash receipt printer to pay for itself.
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Square has released the “Square Stand” point of sale (POS) for iPads. The stand retails for $299 and has an integrated Square card reader built-in along with the ability to interface with receipt printers, a cash drawer and a barcode scanner — all sold separately of course. While the price is a bit steep, the Square Stand brings a much needed level of professionalism to using an iPad as a POS.

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Receipt configuration in Dynamics AX 2012 for Retail is typically a trial and error exercise that requires a good understanding of the functionality provided. I encountered a number of problems during testing that I would like to share which, hopefully, will help someone in the future!
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Using QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise or POS provides you with the opportunity to use a receipt printer for the smaller professional looking receipts to hand to a customer upon receiving payment.

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This is a great option for the retailer to provide the customer with a professional receipt with all the details. It also makes providing the receipt a one step process into your accounting records. No more hand written receipts and the time spent entering the information at a later date into QuickBooks. Your inventory is current with every receipt.

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