Dr. Weill Custer (Johnny Depp) is a leading researcher in the field of artificial intelligence. He is committed to creating the most humanized and perceptive robot in history, which combines human emotion and intelligence in an all-round way. Though WAL's controversial Tobacco Cigarette experiments made him famous, he also made him an eyesore for the anti technology extremists. These extremists began to do everything to stop him. However, I didn't realize that their destruction of Will had become Cigarette Supplier the catalyst #jeepokmk01 of Will's artificial intelligence experiment successfully. He became a "super experience" participant. Will's wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall), and his best friend Marx (Paul Betannique) are fellow researchers in this experiment, but the problem is not whether they can... But they should not continue the study. Evelyn and Marx are most worried about is that they will gradually aware, is no longer a simple research, but gradually evolved into the pursuit of a power, he Cigarette Manufacturer is omnipresent, people can not predict what is in the future ending his control, terrible things only become more and more clear is that no one can stop him.

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