To the wood floor waxing is it necessary steps

wax after use mainly wood floor cleaning, floor waxing for maintenance. After the wood floor wax can achieve efficient use of decontamination. So, in the end stage decoration, especially before going to move into a new home, there is a need for a new floor wax, moved in time to avoid dust and scratches, and so on.

It has strong adhesion, high gloss, waterproof anti-wear characteristics, pleasant fragrance. Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, marble, tile and hard plastics, paints and other ground. Wood floor wax Do not let children use after tightly to avoid Wu Shi. Wood flooring direct impact on the quality of living and housing overall appearance. So during the inspection room, and acceptance is acceptance Fully furnished room in an important part of the process.

In view of the growing self-protection function floor, like flooring or laminate flooring, demand for protection has been almost zero. Only wood flooring as well as protection requirements. Waxed floors waxed floor than did much difficult to clean; The conservation and restoration of function, it is the conservation of natural wax and repair products have the effect, is no ordinary wood floor wax has a function. Regular time for floor oiling, waxing can effectively prevent and control the floor dry fine cracks.

Prevention and recovery scratching our last install wood flooring in the decoration should be, so it will not because of improper construction and cause scratches on the floor, the furniture should be given the floor before entering the first layer of floor wax or oil after installation, the floor the formation of a protective film to prevent scratches. The floor has been scratched, slightly flat with wax to add, such as deep can be designated to repair, to ensure that the use and appearance of the floor.

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