Thermal Printer Especially in the restaurant industry

[James] had been aware of the Adafruit Thermal Printer Library, but this library is a little kludgy. Text is the Adafruit Library’s forte, and while graphics and non-ASCII characters are possible they’re certainly not easy to print with the existing libraries. With his current system based on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Wifi Pos Printer has a really easy way to print anything he can put on a webpage on receipt paper.

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This is the portion of the receipt above and below the main body. In general, this is 3 lines above and 3 lines below the main body that can be programmed to display a variety of messages. Most often the header contains the name, address and phone number of your business. This is important to identifying your business but you can get creative. Maybe you can find room to add a bit of ad copy, your tag line or company motto. “U Save More at Our Store” or some clever tag line.
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The only solution I could come up with was a lantronix xprintserver added to the network and star TSP143 Lan printers either hard wired or with wifi packs fitted. Set them up as socket printers :9100 and everything works fine. Just need iOS7 fixed now that it can remember the last printer used instead of having to reselect it at every print job.
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Using Zebra lp 2844 thermal printer is a really great option for business. Majority of these printers are used into places like where the people love to touch things they are not meant toThermal Printer
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Thermal receipt printers have become the standard offering on the majority of point of sale systems today. Thermal Printer Especially in the restaurant industry it is hard to find a point of sale system that does not have a thermal receipt printer.


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