There are more and more often hear sounds and read, for example, tested commercials in practice score worse than untested commercials The truth will probably be somewhere in the middle Who knows?


Consumers and professionals think differently about advertising


Both groups also use other criteria when assessing whether an advertisement is good or bad Consumers watch from their feelings and feel disgust as the blatant advertising is GC Fit 360 intrusive or irritating Professionals evaluate contains the content and dissatisfied if the advertising is absurd or too much information Three quarters of consumers believe that advertisers should not exaggerate in commercials However, the professionals in the advertising industry believe that exaggerations are not objectionable According to research by Millard Brown on behalf of BVA and via Consumers appear to be critical of the use of words such as green and sustainable The combination of green and luxury cars are consumers too far The term fully transpiration with insurance goes too far In addition, with a disclaimer that advertising should be prohibited source Affirmative,


Do not be too ambitious


But beware Consumers make their decisions usually not on rational grounds, but let itself mainly by feelings and habits Arguments put forward in advertising.

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