The reason for this has become clear in recent communication by a member of the CS: GO development team

Update: A new update is currently available. Called Operation Wildfire, it includes a remastered De_Nuke, co-op missions, a brand new case along with more than ten skins (including the actual Bowie Knife), and more. You can read more right here.

Original: Because the launch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve has been silent concerning its advancement within the video game. Lately, the game has gone several months with no major update, leading to the actual greatest lapse among two promotions that the video game has actually seen. The reason behind it has become crystal clear within cs go items current communication by a member of the actual CS: PROCEED advancement group.

Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe signed up for a Reddit accounts this week to begin spreading a few information on a long-awaited addition to the video game: a rebuilding of one of the game's maximum possible but minimum played maps.

Cliffe has taken to the Global Offensive sub-Reddit to share promising information about an upcoming rebuilding of De_Nuke. Currently, De_Nuke mementos the actual Counter-Terrorist group due to its lower amount of choke points along with several points of defensive eyesight, and Valve is actually seizing the chance by doing a full rebuilding of the chart with both new designs and design.

The new De_Nuke will function the actual Navy blue SEALS compared with Tempe, and will start using a texture arranged just like the new version of De_Train having a location set in United States. Moreover, Valve has place in lots of work to make sure that the actual chart much more well balanced in its design along with easier entries which permit Terrorists to play with no massive disadvantage.

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