The players who make leather in the game

 Three purple stamina armor were put at auction house at the price of six hundred and fifty gold to six hundred and eighty gold. I use the heavy leather change for the raw leather and I put them at auction house at the price of three hundred and fifty gold. But the price of the leather at auction house fall to  Cheap Fifa 17 Coins  ninety gold per team after I did that things.

The players who make leather in the game learn how to Buy Wow Gold and their level is 525 now. But days before, they said that the the price of raw material is too high for them. I use a lot of jewelry in about one month. The price of 359 purple is much lower than before.Then I began to calculate my profit between this period. I only found that I get about twenty thousand gold.

But I enrich myself during that period and I have Cheap wow gold. Those who do not let me gold is very angry. Because I did a very bad thing.I wrote this because I just want that every players can enjoy themselves in the game and things I have met will never happen. If every player can do Fifa 17 Coins  this, it will be more harmonious in the game.

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