The “Nominal” chip can run at 0.95V

One of the differences between semiconductor manufacturing and more mundane products is that a semiconductor manufacturer doesn’t really “know” what kind of chips it built until it tests them. Every wafer of chips will have its own unique characteristics — some chips will use less voltage than others, some will hit higher clock speeds, and some won’t work at all.
AVFS, on the other hand, offers more options. By measuring and adjusting the voltage in real time, AVFS can determine that only the “Weak” chip needs a full 1V to RS3 Gold.

The “Nominal” chip can run at 0.95V, while the Strong chip can actually run at 0.9V. AVFS thus compensates for variation in process technology to ensure a more uniform product experience, and may improve yields as well.
Will AVFS give Carrizo a boost?

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