The consumers need to be alert to balance scooter throw at cheap prices

Balance scooter in 2014, as an emerging industry, less than 100 balance car industry in China, balanced car industry has more than 1000 companies in 2005, the good and evil people mixed up the whole industry, to cut corners, the price war with each other. A very low threshold of manufacturing, blank industry standards, It brings some hidden troubles to the industry. In the fair, Koowheel understands that many booth who those sell other products also put all kinds of public mould smart self balancing electric scooters, self balancing scooter price is very low, some price are as low as $90, even in the absence of steep price material than years ago, the vehicle shipment price dropped substantially, obviously it is not reasonable. Some insiders said many companies affected by car incidents last year, and accumulated a large number of inventory and materials, in the Canton fair price clearing inventory, at the same time, the author also found filled with a large number of cheap electric scooters on different platforms, and the price ridiculously low, the most obvious is the cheap 2 wheel hoverboard manufacturers, quality is very difficult to ensure that consumers need to polish eyes. At the same time, after the car industry reshuffle, particularly the CPSC's request in the United States , the market will gradually restore rational and standard, enterprise products to conform to the standards of the market, will spend a lot of money on UL certification, quality inspection, and investment improvement on research and development of new products, from the point of enterprise cost, obviously is much higher than last year, so the factory ex-factory price even if not up, can maintain at the end of the benchmark, also pretty good. Observation, the writer of this month Smart Scooter market gradually back to warming, especially some customer who those green-hand self balancing hoverboard, the smart balance scooter companies who has purchase demond need to do more homework.This information come from

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