Some people have an issue with cartridges drying out if the printer

The first new machine unveiled today was the Makerbot Replicator Mini, a compact, consumer-level printer designed for maximum ease of use. In terms of size, it’s roughly the same as the company’s original Cupcake printer, but much more powerful and far more user-friendly. MakerBot designed the machine so that it can quite literally be operated with just a single button. “If I was announcing cameras today,” Pettis noted, “this would be the point-and-shoot.”
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Still, there’s a lot to like about the XP-810: It’s attractive and compact, it prints well (especially photos), and it comes loaded with connectivity options, making it a great match for light-printing small and home offices that need to print often from mobile devices. It works, too, for offices that need immaculate photo and document output, as long as the cost of printing them is not a primary—or even secondary—concern.
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It still looks brand new and hasn't succumbed to the humid tropical air in over two years. Mobile Printer
Some people have an issue with cartridges drying out if the printer isn't used for a while, but we never found this to be an issue, probably due to the airtight storage. Aside from the printer itself, our bin held 2-3 spare ink cartridges (still in their plastic wrap to prevent drying out), as well as all the chords, printer manuals and a stack of printing paper. If we wanted to print something out, we grabbed the bin and it was all there. Easy peasey.
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This new Lite model printer truly resonates with the channel because it is designed to help overcome real-world business and technical challenges at the POS," Kaz Onishi, VP of Seiko Instruments USA, said in the announcement. "It is smaller in size, offers increased flexibility, has increased performance, and is aesthWifi Printer

etically pleasing — all at a value-driven price point."


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