Serpinatr review-$26,800 bonus & discount

Serpinatr Review: A RARE chance to use a new and truly revolutionary software that NO ONE has used before today


Serpinatr is a web-based 2-in-1 software that INSTANTLY generates invaluable intel you or your clients can to quickly estimate how much money they can make by ranking on page 1 of Google!

With Serpinatr on your side, you not only have a MASSIVE time saver, you also have a potentially HUGE money maker!

It’s like having a crystal ball as Serpinatr lets you estimate the ROI, along with the value for ANY keyword ranked on page 1 of Google, BEFORE you or your clients decide whether to spend time and effort on SEO to rank on page 1 of Google!

There are literally MILLIONS of business owners and decision-makers desperate to have this invaluable intel… and are willing to pay you big bank to help them rank on page 1 of Google and turn your roi and keyword value estimates into reality, making Serpinatr a high-quality lead machine as well!

This fact alone provides you a competitive advantage and the opportunity to become an instant ROI and keyword valuation expert, all by simply using the Serpinatr software!

Serpinatr's Key Features:

  • Calculate SEO ROI for any keyword anytime you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…
  • Estimate the potential value of any keyword ranking on page 1 of Google, again 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day…
  • Generate a .PPF report with ROI SEO Estimation or Keyword Valuation for yourself, or use as a powerful marketing piece to hand out to (and impress) clients and prospects, which you can include a Call-To-Action and brand with your logo, name, business name, address, telephone and email address…
  • Create a unique custom URL for your branded .PDF report you can give to your clients and prospects for convenient and unlimited access and viewing…
  • Require clients and prospects to opt-in to your email list to unlock your .PDF report…
  • Generate RED HOT leads anytime you want with our unique custom URL system
  • Save your leads to CSV file…
  • Save all projects and calculations you conduct…
  • All the training to quickly and effectively use our software and local lead generation system 

  • And More!

How Does Serpinatr Work?

Exclusive Bonuses Of Serpinatr:

There are THREE webinars jam-packed full of additional training to help you!

  • You'll learn how to leverage Serpinatr to get clients FAST.
  • They'll reveal over the shoulder SEO case studies.
  • You'll even get to see how they pulled in $195,000 in 90 days.
  • Learn how to get your site ranked quickly
  • AND so much more...

Final verdict - Your Turn!

Regardless if you’re a newbie to Internet and Offline marketing, a seasoned veteran or anywhere in between, you will be given the RARE chance to use a new and truly revolutionary software that NO ONE has used before today!

In other words, they are giving you a huge competitive advantage today: An unsaturated, no competition SEO ROI and Keyword Valuation estimate software and training to calculate the estimated value and SEO ROI for any keywords anytime you want!

With their software and training, you have a real opportunity to take your business to new heights FASTER than you ever dreamed possible!

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