Although there were only thousands of protesters - not thousands and thousands like in 2013 - aggressive activities with police were exposed, with at least two journalists injured and many captured. More demonstrations are organized before the Olympic games, and audiences control remains a process for the regulators. Accommodation for lovers on low budgets Fans sleep on Copacabana beach, 15 This summer 2014 Latina The united states lovers came in large numbers in Brazil, many without accommodation The surge of lovers from all over Latina The united states was a trend during this Globe Cup, with a large variety of them increasing into Brazil by car, on very low expenses. The solution was to provide them in improvised camping places provided fifa 14 coins by regional regulators in the wide variety places. More than 4,000 Chileans camped in the Sao Paulo Sambadrome, where the town's annually festival is organized. They had tried to do the same in Rio, but "there were not enough vehicle parking places provided", they recommended the BBC. Argentine lovers were more fortunate when they came in large numbers for the greatest in Rio. Local regulators started out up the Sapucai Sambadrome - Rio's even more stunning festival location - but there were those who recommended to stay around Copacabana beach and loaded Avenida Atlantica, the most well-known street in Rio, with their automobiles and motorhomes. Eduardo Paes, the nan of Rio, has confessed that the place will need to create some improvements before the Olympic games. "I would love to see this attack of Latina People again but we need to be more prepared to welcome them," he said. A long long-term legacy?

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