Parquet lacquers FAQ and maintenance methods

The main difference between the wholesale eco floor paint and PU paint is different from the process of their craft. Light wood floor paint curing process used when pouring paint polluting, more environmentally friendly than the PV paint on workers' health and protection of the environment is good, from the production point of view, wood floor paint is a replacement product. For buyers, the finished floor is already in the process, so that paint solvent evaporates, whether it is the use of light-curing process to produce wood floor paint, or use the traditional technology, the PU paint the floor, do not users would constitute pollution hazards Here are some common problems wood floor paint?

 Wood floors white paint surface is how it is, how pale wood floor paint surface caused? How to solve the problem of solid wood flooring white paint, let's take a look at the white paint Wholesale Outdoor Floor Causes and solutions method. Wood floors white paint and coating process means just finished spraying the coating surface milky white. The film is not only white, but the white cloud-like matte phenomenon called bleaching. Whitish This situation occurred in a high humidity environment of volatile spray paint occasions, severe loss of light completely, appear porous coating, because the paint rapidly volatilize a solvent, so that the coated surface temperature is lowered, resulting in atmospheric moisture In the paint coagulation and sank resin coating caused white precipitation.

Wood floor paint surface whitish main solutions: slight whitening, let it air-cured, then polishing wax polish to remove its bad place heavy bloom, in the area within spraying slow thinner or moisture whitening agents in extremely serious site there may be residual moisture in the film, allowed to dry, wet sanding and re-spraying. The reason wood floor paint surface whitening caused and treated wood floor paint surface whitening method that can handle the calm surface of white paint across ECO Floor For Sale problems, and will not let you by surprise.

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