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At present, China cities average penetration is only about 25%, about 10% of medium-sized cities, especially in the development of space is apparent wood parquet market is very broad. With the emergence of Chinese brand-name products, parquet competition will be further intensified, some large companies will further increase market share, brand marketing will become the primary weapon in the competitive landscape. Technical innovation, quality leadership, brand market competition into a winning weapon. Who can take the lead in marketing revolution, to become the first industry, strong brand, who will be the real winners in the industry. Therefore, establishing a strong brand and brand marketing system to guide the development trend of the industry. From now on,

Product development direction parquet that:product diversification and personalized panelthickness of the panel is more abundant species is more scientific and reasonablepanel style tends to be more humanefinishes developed from painting to anoint direction adhesive surface abrasion resistance to further improve the product more environmentally friendlyordinary tongue and groove flooring type to lock-based developmentuse of the simultaneous development of a single decorative and functional to decorativemore scientific structure, the overall performance will be further enhance the development direction of real wood floor that:conserve timber resources, improve the comprehensive utilization.production scale automation. Currently has a number of a certain scale parquet enterprises, the production of smaller enterprises will lack competitive advantage, it will be eliminated.

Meanwhile, with the improvement of large-scale production and manufacturing technology, automation of production will be the main direction of development.New decorative materials are widely used. As technology advances, there will be more new materials applied to the parquet surface and cause the floor surface is more durable, economical and beautiful.fast-growing wood of scientific use. Through science and technology will improve over the fast-growing wood applied to the wood flooring. So that a more rational use of wood in order to alleviate the shortage of high-quality timber.brand more centralized. Well-known brand status will become more prominent, 10% of the brand will occupy more than 80% market share.market more international, parquet exports will grow rapidly, foreign brands have gradually entered.consumption more rational. With the spread of environmental awareness and product knowledge parquet enhance scientific rational consumer will be more popular.services more standardized. Perfect service system, will become one of the most important competitive market instruments.

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