Visually the Moto is X not so spectacular at first glance, but the design has it. With 3.8 mm height, the Moto X would be the thinnest Smartphone in the world, but this value is valid only for the surrounding aluminium frame, which gives a significant impression. The Moto X 9.9 mm arches to the middle of the housing.

The rounded back and the rubberized surface ensures an excellent grip. The 144 grams light Moto X is optimally in the hand and also the front convinced: the phone has a very small frame. The glass is rounded at the edges and without noticeable edge in the curvature of the body. The fingers loosely over the display and beyond the edge - as in the iPhone

The Setup is simple: per app, the Moto X photos, videos, SIM contacts as well as call and SMS lists from your old phone, which transmits the data via Wi-Fi takes over. Then you need only have a Nano-SIM.

Why the new Moto X just is 2 X, Motorola's secret. So, it may cause confusion with its predecessor. Compared to the first generation grows the display from 4.7 to 5.2 inches. Under the Gorilla glass back radiates an AMOLED display. Thanks to full HD resolution, the sharpness of good 316 on very good 423 grow ppi. The colors shine without drifting off in the unisono. The enormous black value ensures crisp contrasts. White letters on a black background, no LCD that can so convincingly. The large display with the small frame is the Visual test with flying colors ZTE phone website.

Motorola cuddling is largely a modified Android interface and opts for Google apps. The promise: To updates without extensive adjustments faster when the land you on the device.

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