Large Golf Umbrella by DNR Australia, Double Canopy Windproof Design, 61 Inch Strong Vented Automatic Travel Umbrella

Who says, Golf Umbrellas are for the golf course…. not me!! Why should golfers be the only types staying dry? When it’s raining, I want something that is going to cover me and protect me and my sizeable others, if needs be, from getting wet. Whether it’s a night on the town or a sporting event and it starts to rain, this umbrella will be the best thing you will ever own and that is why we believe at DNR Australia it is the ONLY UMBRELLA YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY! That is why I would like to tell you about our large windproof umbrella, that is not merely for the golf course.

At DNR Australia we had a purpose in mind. The purpose of this umbrella was to incorporate quality with a lightweight construction to remove the heavy and hard to manage large umbrellas on the market. By combining a fiberglass construction and a lightweight fabric that will maximises those features to allow for an user-friendly umbrella that is able to withstand the harshest conditions under the Australian sun. The lightweight rubberised Eva handle is made with your comfort in mind, allowing your hand to grip the umbrella for minimal fatigue on the hands and wrists and your ease of usage of the umbrella. The Eva straight handle also allows for the umbrella to be put into a holder on your pram, golf buggy or cart, keeping your valuables out of the weather conditions that the day may bring.

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So , are you tired of your flimsy umbrella breaking or folding inside out? Our large vented umbrella has been made from strong fiberglass and will not break under windy conditions.

This large golf umbrella by DNR Australia is of a windproof design which has a double/vented canopy. It has a 61 inch arc and is made of fiberglass shaft and ribs. It is an programmed umbrella that you can use for sporting events, travelling, social events and more. It is exquisite for a sunny day or heavy rain plus it also comes with 2 x microfiber towels and also retractable clip and also a bonus reusable wet bag.
This umbrella is built to last and will serve you well through heavy wind and rain. It provides a non-slip grip handle during wet conditions and the fabric used to construct the umbrella is of high quality, and it is 100% waterproof.

GREATEST PROTECTION UNDER THE SUN, WIND and also RAIN: This large premium 61 inch (155cm) umbrella will protect you from the harsh conditions of mother nature. With a choice of Black or Blue this umbrella will look the part at specialized functions, sporting events or on the golf course. This versatile umbrella will keep you protected from all weather conditions and will provide sophistication and style to any event. The high-density water repellent 190 pongee fabric is quick to dry and will give you maximum protection and strength. The 61inch arc of this umbrella will easily shelter two people and keep you dry in dismal weather.

DON’T GET BLOWN AWAY IN THE WIND: The vented/double canopy super water repellent fabric allows for greater stability in windy conditions. The vented design allows the wind to pass through, making it much easier to handle in harsh conditions. The fiberglass frame with the wind resistant design will allow for flexibility, ensuring your umbrella is virtually windproof and does not turn inside out. The construction is made with a strong fiberglass shaft and 8 ribs to provide a sturdy and durable umbrella capable of withstanding 35mph (55kph) winds.

EASE OF USE: Ever had your hands full of things, got caught in the rain and struggling to open your umbrella? I have: ( frustrating, right? Well, no longer do you need to struggle to open your umbrella, when you have this auto opening umbrella by DNR Australia, simply press the automatic open button on the Eva handle to allow for your umbrella to be opened quickly and easily. This one-handed operation will ensure you are not struggling in the rain to open your umbrella and the enclosed push button on the handle keeps your fingers protected so they do not get pinched, ouch!!

WET DRIPPING UMBRELLA? SOLVED!: Ever been somewhere and noticed you are leaving a dangerous slip hazard behind you. Our umbrella comes with a reusable ziplock storage/wet bag to protect any flooring or to protect the interior of your car. The retractable keychain clip and handy absorbent 400gsm microfiber quick dry towel are also a handy addition that can be used in many of life’s adventures/games or can be used to quickly dry down your umbrella before placing it back into the cover or bag.

Hint: The 190T pongee fabric will cause the rain to form droplets on your umbrella and not soak into the fabric. You can give your umbrella a little shake a few times to release the rain from the fabric which will allow this umbrella to dry much faster than other brands.
OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are so confident you’ll love our Umbrella that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. The strong fiberglass frame and durability of the umbrella will ensure years of service.

At DNR Australia we are sure our umbrella is all you will need to tackle the great Australian outdoors and the unpredictable weather it brings. The strong fiberglass frame and windproof canopy will ensure you won’t be leaving your umbrella in the garbage when you get caught in the next big storm.

To improve service life we recommend air drying umbrella and bag after use.
Backed by our Money Back Guarantee! - Because we know you'll love them!
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When you buy, here are some of the things you can look forward to: -
Colour: Black or Blue
Arc: Large 155cm (61inch) comfortably shelters two people
Diameter: 53inchRibs: 8 Rib Reinforced FrameShaft: FiberglassMaterial: 190T pongee
Operation: Automatic OpeningHandle: EvaDust Cover: Included
BONUSES2 x Microfiber Towel1 x Retractable Badge Reel Keychain Clip1 x Reusable Ziplock Storage/Wet Bag

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