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Momentan is playing a role in the open beta, which is available in both PC and PlayStation 3. Square Enix wants learn from the mistakes of 2010 and will be with 'Final Fantasy XIV world beginning reborn' Premium. Since the title has yet to take a ride with the unit, the development team is trying to reach new target groups and the media focus on the console. RPG will be released on August 27th for PC and PS3. PS4 is a copy of the product 2014 geplant.Der Naoki Yoshida Square Enix and Toshio Murouchi society team goes on a new video for details on the user interface of the PS3 version of 'Final Fantasy XIV: a renewed world' a. It contained, among other things, create a personal accurately, as well as menus and controls while playing 'Final Fantasy XIV: world reborn'. For the PlayStation 3 and the PC happens on Friday, June 14 in the third phase of the beta test. He is scheduled to release the full version to August 27, 2013. It contained a free trial for 30 days the fourteenth time in Final Fantasy XIV Final Fantasy new accounts and monthly subscription fee of 10.99 Euro.Square Enix also announced that the launch of PlayStation 4 'Final Fantasy XIV: World Reborn' will be published next year, is scheduled to accounts Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 3 version of the PS4 version können.Square transfer Enix has in the universe of one comic in San Diego pair of clips for 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII division'. Photos give more impressions of the city Yusnaan, including the so-called 'slaughterhouse', will be held in a brutal battle tournaments every night. In addition, images of Cos rays excessive display of 'Final Fantasy XIV' uniforms. In addition, the information reported to the editor of the combat system. In some battles can be a different body parts of the enemy to destroy. Thus weaken the enemy and lose additional items at end of combat. Additionally, Square Enix has a counter-attack, with the power to deny the enemy attack and striking a decisive blow. However, the attack consumes a large part of your ATB display, and can be used only against physical attacks 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII'. Appears in the February 14, 2014 in Europe. Square Enix has today another video on the internet for end game fantasy roles XIV: Shipping worldwide YouTube 'Final Fantasy XIV world is reborn.' Now, is the third edition of 'journey through Eorzea' series.  Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil  'It gives the same impression about the important world what can be done at the end of next week again, when the fourth round and launched the pilot phase 3', Square Enix as well. 'For the first PlayStation 3 players can deny conjunction with computer players and experience adventures in this test takes the stage next MMO. 'The entrance is at the end of this week, on Friday, July 5, at 11 possible. Reformers Square Enix is ​​currently in many of the 'Final Fantasy' Final Fantasy XIV. These include 'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' and 'Final Fantasy XIV: a world reborn'. Thanks to close cooperation between the competent teams, players are rewarded with 'surprise appearances and overlapping worlds' a. These components are explained in more detail now. ': Final Fantasy XIII, for example, players can through a specific equipment to complete the task Miqo'te received about lightning storms Square Enix said returns. 'Is this outfit inspired by Miqo'te strain of Final Fantasy XIV. World reborn, including a long tail and ears distinct addition, weapons and armor can be customized with designs that were inspired by the three capitals of the world and Miqo Eorzea. 'You not only changed uniforms, but also the emergence of the lightning victory pose f Fanfare' on the same radius is also a surprise appearance in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: .. We have a renewed and as part of Lightning Returns world especially: Final Fantasy XIII events full time (destination) Lightning joins active and adventurous stay with them in battle. Players can buy weapons and armor

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