Is now a lady pointed to the game designers

Popular in the world of mobile phone games "fairy treasure can Pokemon GO in July over multiple countries such as Canada launched today, spree everywhere across, many people sigh with emotion, with the elves treasure can Pokemon GO, outdoors, is no longer just playing games on Pokemon Pokecoins   the computer, a new interaction.

At this time, in an open area as if into a super big playground. In all low head when immersed in the game, all kinds of security problems also appear with, what what is virtual game rules in public places? How to do? On July 23, on Saturday night, a 29-year-old woman in Toronto because upset his apartment in front of the square, too many players to grasp the elf, kicked up out of the projectile gun strafe to players, the woman was arrested by the police later. Before the tomb into the elves hot point, also became one of the focus of attention.

Is now a lady pointed to the game designers Niantic company, should not offend the tomb of the deceased rest in peace, for the graveyard from the game in depot of the elves treasure can Pokemon GO off. Is more dangerous, a 20-year-old American man Riley, near San Francisco's famous fisherman's wharf Aquatic Park, water Park) may play because the elves treasure can Pokemon GO when unfortunate shot.

According to the police, points out that Riley was shot dead when are walking on the pavement at the water's edge while playing the elves treasure can Pokemon GO, the murderer did not take Riley's property or is attempt to rob him. Investigators temporarily do not know the motive of the murderer. But the game has attracted a lot of players to go to the park, plank road. On the sidewalk.

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