in life skills printing did not even try and therefore

and also taking into account the living systems ArcheAge system is the 20 life skills, but the real ArcheAge, but more than a large number of systems, this means that the material is also very urgent need, while the life skills of cooperation between the more complex is a very big change 'What are the skills required to do' less accustomed to living in a traditional game and skills elements of large players to get a copy of 'do this thing where this equipment' 'What is this thing can be' life skills such questions do if the players and equipment are not familiar with the various living skills life, and often caught holding a pile of material, but the lack of a piece of the key elements that must be trapped in an uncomfortable position N = 1, and are used to classify an initial understanding of the formation and coordination with life skills First let's get one the following life skills reclassify even map an ancient practice, and provide the distribution of life skills in the form of a pyramid in the first test in life skills printing did not even try and therefore not included in the theft, where the link is low-skilled and therefore are not included in this column traditional industry production is located at the bottom of the pyramid in life skills, and the provision of  archeagemall  raw materials for the lifetime system is to purchase pieces of farm trees Mining animal life skills such five agricultural creation is just the type of livestock on stuff a scarecrow at home, small animals ah ah tree seedlings and flowers that two of the life skills and abilities to whole life basis, and comes from a large part of the raw material here with this, this is a problem, a scarecrow that has the seeds of the trees and all the NPC animals sold to raise the level of proficiency in these skills makes sense? The answer is yes, these two skills with greater efficiency, and stable production but output items of high efficiency rare species off the greatest opportunity for the first test, and the players is not enough time to perform these skills, but in the alchemy of commercial production, as well as some more advanced course material in detail the need for such materials and such I'm here to give an example for players who played the first test to take a look at a huge cotton crop wheat rice bright petals soft Azalea hundred lucky clover and a huge thick corn roots daffodils with bright strawberry oats, barley gold the same iris root moist deeply huge hectares of mushrooms and this is just a small part, which often work often species commercial feed on things that we often see large large types but have you seen some do it, and I want to do farming peasants candidates very profitable collection and recording of U these skills, animal husbandry and agriculture are binding

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