if you use a well-conditioned dot matrix paper and use it to print on high quality dot matrix paper

Companies that use this type of machine always make sure that they have a steady supply of paper to use for it. It is absolutely vital that dot matrix paper should be used for this type of printer in order to make sure that it performs exactly how it is supposed to. The perforations that you see on dot matrix paper are actually made for the rotating sprocket wheels inside the printer to allow unhindered printing.
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Basically, if you use a well-conditioned dot matrix paper and use it to print on high quality dot matrix paper, you will be able to print thousands of documents without having to stop because of a paper jam. This is why it is imperative that companies that use this type of machine should find a reliable company that can supply them with the dot matrix paper that they need.
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Serial matrix printers have print heads that print up to hundreds of millions of characters and thousands of pages per month. For example, the Tally T2365, shown above, prints over 40,000 pages per month at a very high print speed. The ribbons for these printers also last a very long time, making them an attractive option for forms printing. The ribbons also maintain a high level of uniform print quality throughout the ribbon life. Again, an example of the above printer’s ribbon is a rated life of 20 million characters. This means users get crisp, clear print without having to change ribbons often. AND, the ribbons are generally much cheaper than costly toner that is used with laser printing.
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A variation on the dot matrix printer was the cross hammer dot printer, patented by Seikosha in 1982.[2] The smooth cylindrical roller of a conventional printer was replaced by a spinning, fluted cylinder. The print head was a simple hammer, Pos Printerwith a vertical projecting edge, operated by an electromagnet. Where the vertical edge of the hammer intersected the horizontal flute of the cylinder, compressing the paper and ribbon between them, a single dot was marked on the paper. Characters were built up of multiple dots.
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