ID cards and many other essential printed items

As it turns out, there is! Although, as we'll see later, unfortunately this doesn't readily translate into practical security. Still, thinking about security is a great habit to get into, and we can learn all kinds of great lessons by studying historical methods of encryption such as this one.
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Reflecting recent market needs, Extech has changed the standard communication options available for the printer. Short Range Bluetooth�, designed for WPAN, and Serial communication is standard on the Apex 3.�� For long range wireless connectivity, the Apex 3 has optional Long Range Bluetooth� or 802.11b/g WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, LEAP, WEP64/128, TKIP, and AES/CCMP.� IrDA and a 3-Track Magnetic Card Reader are also available options.
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The worldwide market is expanding for thermal-type printers. Their advantages include silent, maintenance-free operation; high-speed, high-quality print; excellent durability; and no need for ink or toner. Because of these qualities, thermal printers are widely used to generate receipts, tickets, merchandise labels, ID cards and many other essential printed items.

Thermal Printer

Christophe also emphasizes the need to keep up with rapid changes in technology and software development, especially with the current trend of mobile platforms being used in retail, restaurants, and other businesses. “The support team must have a software development background and knowledge in the latest developing tools, Label Printer
such as iOS and Android. This knowledge needs to be openly shared and available to VARs and developers. Star provides SDKs to help developers integrate our products quickly into these new OS.”

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