Huawei Switches - Big Layer 2 and Virtual Machine-Aware Networks

The in-band mode borrows the principle of channel-associated signaling from mobile phones. The VDP (VSI Discovery and Configuration Protocol) protocol is defined in the IEEE 802.1Qbg standard. It uses an in-band protocol to sense the creation and migration of VMs between access switches and servers. The out-of-band mode uses the API provided by the virtualization management software vCenter to sense the VM through the nCenter (the VM network resource scheduling center responsible for VM physical network policy automatic migration function) because the vCenter knows the exact information about VM creation and migration.S5720 52X SI AC Huawei S5700 GE Layer 3 Campus Switch

The inbound 802.1Qbg standard has not yet been officially released, and the server is required to support the 802.1Qbg VDP protocol. In the out-of-band mode, the APIs provided by different vendors' vCenters are different, and nCenter needs to be adapted separately. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the type of layer 2 and virtual machine-aware network solutions.Huawei Switch S3700 28Tp Si Dc Ethernet Industrial Switch S3700

The closedness of traditional networks is not enough to support rapid changes in the face of massive user services. Only by constructing an open network architecture, network resources can be visualized for business applications, and network resources can be intelligently linked with business applications. This can significantly increase the flexibility of the network and meet the industry's demands.Huawei S5710 52C Pwr Ei Ac 48 Port Gigabit Sfp Switch

This requires the service platform to provide open APIs for upper-layer applications. Through Openflow/SDN interfaces, the capabilities of the network, such as forwarding paths, QoS capabilities, traffic monitoring, and security control, are opened to the upper application platform. Through the flexible programming control of open networks, redefining the behavior of the network, so that the network can better serve the business.The best virtual host inventory, the top ten best virtual host

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