Huawei redefines smart router products

Although there have been more than 30 years of precipitation in the field of communications, Huawei has always used innovation as the standard in its products. From the perspective of users' practical use, it is a product that can truly solve industry problems.Huawei S2700 9Tp Si Ac Switch 8 Port Sfp With Optical Modules

In order to ensure the core competitiveness of the products, Huawei will invest R&D expenditures in technology research and development at a rate not less than 10% of the annual sales revenue. Due to the long-term adherence to this business philosophy, Huawei currently has more than 700 patented technologies for home routers, which is far ahead of other similar brands.interruptor de Ethernet industrial de huawei s5700 28c ei 24s ac

The dividends brought by Huawei's many technology patents are well reflected in its products. In the second half of this year, Huawei introduced two router products, WS5100 and WS5200, which are based on "true dual-band" technology. Since the launch of the two routers, they have been unanimously affirmed by the market. In the double eleven, Jingdong Super Brand Day In the double-twelfth and other shopping festivals, sales were hot, and even sold out in multiple areas.huawei 48 port s5700 series гигабитный коммутатор s5700 52c si layer 3

The reason why these two products continue to sell well is fundamentally technological innovation. True dual-band technology is a new technology developed by Huawei. The highlight of this technology is that it has changed the traditional dual-band routers to artificially select the frequency band to achieve the best transmission efficiency. Make judgments and choose. The emergence of this technology has essentially changed the way people use dual-band routers. It will become inaction, and it will become a sense of innocence. The result is that dual-band routers can finally reflect their true value.huawei s5701 28x li 24s ac 24 порт доступа для доступа 2

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