Now, we have to sort out what the whole process for balance car. When we stand on the balance scooter, people and the car keep it upright, at the same time, acceleration sensors and gyroscopes main job is to make the balance wheel scooter still; when people focus forward, there is a significant body of forward tilt angle of the two sensors keen to capture this change, the current and speed control algorithm to control the motor, the motor began to gradually accelerate the rotation, the wheels rolling forward, so that you begin to accelerate. Deceleration process is similar. In short, if you hope the smart self balancing scooter ride in a safe and stable situation, the two sensors in the non-stop measurements and calculations. Then the motor drive the wheels forward or backward. Of course, all this above, but also requires a lot of programs and algorithms to precisely control, in order to ensure safe driving car.

The forward principle for self balancing electric scooter
We know the car to go, of course, is two wheel rotation to achieve. The control wheel is a technology live. Wheels via two drive motors via a gear box, by controlling the motor speed can be achieved on the wheel motion control. Motion control is achieved by controlling the motor current to the motor coil to achieve. Controlling motor current, the control of the motor output torque (force).

Who control the balance car?

Who control the balance car?

But who controls the motor in it?

Simply put, when we stood finger stick when the stick forward and down, we came forward to offset the stick down trend. But you can not run too fast, otherwise it will stick back down. This time we are seeing the reverse angle and speed stick through the eyes to control their speed and direction of running.

Also the hoverboard scooter through the "eyes" to see the status of the car, so the Self Balancing Scooter and posture angular velocity measurements become the key to control. Measuring balance vehicle attitude and rate can be achieved by an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope. They are balanced by the car's "eyes.". For more information, please visit

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