How do HUAWEI fiber cats be installed?

The way we used to connect before the Internet was connected by telephone lines. Since the popularity of optical fibers, all of them have been replaced by optical fibers. The reason why we use this HUAWEI optical fiber cat is that it looks small and exquisite. The following Xiaobian will share with you the function of HUAWEI 1U Lighweight 8 Ports 16 Ports GPON XG-PON OLT EA5801 optical fiber cat.

One, appearance

1, first, let's take a look at the appearance of HUAWEI (Huawei) HG8310M-GPON optical fiber cat. We can see a white square cat with a technical breath, and the upper left corner is HUAWEI's LOGO. From the front, you can see four lights. They are: power indicator, wireless optical network indicator, fault indicator and LAN indicator.

2, below it is some sockets, the first one from the left is the reset button, and the other three sockets are: power interface, intranet interface and optical fiber interface.

3, on his top you can see the access permit number of the access network.

4, the left and right sides are heat dissipation vents for heat dissipation.

5, on the back of HUAWEI (Huawei) HG8310M-GPON optical fiber cat, we can see Huawei VCN540 Video Cloud Node Prices And Specs's LOGO and optical fiber cat's model, parameter information and manufacturer's information.

Two. Installation

1. First of all, our original power adapter. Here you can see the models on the power adapter, the voltage and current, the manufacturer's information and the useful life. In this case, we must specify that we must connect the light cat with the original power adapter, otherwise the optical fiber cat will be easily damaged.

2, insert the power adapter of the original power adapter into the power socket, and the other end of the socket socket is inserted into the power socket of HUAWEI optical fiber cat. Now the power indicator light is on, and the fault indicator light is red, indicating that the optical signal is blocked.

3, now take the optical fiber interface off the protective cover (note that the fiber interface should be kept clean, no dust, otherwise the quality of the signal), and then inserted in the optical fiber socket of the fiber cat.

4, then insert one end of the Hikvision DVR DS-7208HTHI-K2 Prices and Specs cable with crystal head into the optical fiber cat's inner network socket, and the other end is inserted into the computer network wire socket. Now the connection is finished.

5. Let's take a look at the light of the power supply. The power indicator is normal, and the fiber indicator lights are flashing, indicating that there is a signal.

Three. Set up

1, use the default address to enter the optical fiber cat settings page, the general default address is, the user name and password can be found behind the device. When the landing is successful, you can access the Internet. If you do not set up where to buy it, let the installation master there install OK.

Four. Use

1. Now we can see that the signal button is normal on the lower right side of the computer.

2, now landing in the browser to see the Internet.

3, the web page can be displayed normally. Let's look at other websites. Let's go to Youku videos. You can see video playing when you enter Youku, which shows that the installation of HUAWEI (Huawei) HG8310M-GPON optical fiber cat has been completed.

Five. Summary

From installation to use, the overall use is quite good, very stable, and the price is moderate. It can be said that basically meet the daily needs of the Internet.


1. The appearance is simple and generous.

2, good stability, general continuous network

3, small and delicate

4, the Internet is fast, playing games is not a bit card.


1, do not use huawei TE10 Peices and Specifications, no light cat one machine is convenient, but also to buy a wireless router.

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