How about wood floor oil wax than wood floor

The main component of unique flooring ideas oils are acrylic acid and water, better than the wax hardness than the wax holding a long time, (professional operation) high brightness than wax. However, wood oils also have drawbacks. First, the wood floor oil can not be cleared (not cleared oil domestic product), and therefore, after long-term use, there will be ldquo; fogging rdquo; phenomenon, dry floor surface. Thus, like floor oil customers, we need to control the frequency of use. Wood floor oil wax is much better than the wooden floor, not greasy, the main component of wood floor wax is beeswax and orange oil, hardness close timber holding time of six months, (indoor use) moderate brightness.

However, there are drawbacks floor wax. First of all, at least six years is no domestic production of floor wax (sold on the market ldquo; floor wax rdquo; paraffin wax, not the wood floor wax), wood floor wax were almost extinct, ldquo; traditional products rdquo; has become ldquo; extinct Products rdquo ;. In addition, the wood floor wax expensive than ground wood process diagram oil. Wood floor oil is extracted from plants flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots and other volatile aromatic substances. The main methods of oil extraction distillation, solvent extraction, oil extraction separation, refrigeration compression method and compression method.

High purity water repellent oil, but oil will still contain liquid inside a certain percentage of moisture (about 5-7%), so the oil just as we drink juice, lower purity, impurities and moisture on possible higher. And often on the deployment, but also a large number of base oil blending and ultimately the real essential oil content and moisture content may be similar. When the maintenance of essential oils wood floor wood floor, if the following conditions are met: wood oil under poor ventilation or indoor high humidity, the moisture it contains essential oils wood floor will probably cause the occurrence of damp wood composite thermal expansion varying degrees of deformation .

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