Shampooing your hair is the most common and effective way of keeping your hair clean. Most experts recommend that you shampoo your hair every day. Shampoo actually helps eliminate the dirt and germs that may have gathered in your hair during the course of the day. However the shampoo you pick will purely depend on your scalp type. There are many types of shampoos available to choose from so a good starting point would be to actually know your scalp type and pick a shampoo accordingly.

Shampoos are designed to clean the hair of dirt, oils, skin particles, dandruff, environmental impurities and other contaminants that build up in hair. The liquid shampoo is combined with water and massaged into the hair and scalp. Lather is generated with helps clean the hair shaft, scalp, and ends. Shampoo manufacturers are constantly offering new and innovative shampoos for a wide variety of hair types and conditions. There are daily cleansing shampoos which contain mild ingredients and are used to remove build up of dirt, styling products, and other debris. There are shampoos engineered for color-treated hair, which prevent color from fading and provide extra conditioning agents that treat dry, overstressed hair.

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