Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS V9.2.0-20

Gateway 3ds support for 3DS systems running System Firmware 9.0.0-20 / 9.1.0-20J / 9.2.0-20 natively!
Yes, this includes 2DS and New 3DS!

Yes, you heard us right! If you have a 3DS, or a 2DS or a New 3DS system that is running System Firmware 9.0.0-20, 9.1.0-20J or 9.2.0-20 then you WILL be able to use it with Gateway 3DS card!

Music's great and oh my god. This is godlike! Knowing the New 3DS can't run 4.5 this means they found a way to run probably everything minus EmuNAND on 9.2!

Message gateway from the official website:

“Ladies and gentlemen, as they say.. a picture speaks a thousand words! That must mean a video speaks a few million words, right? Without further ado, today we show you Gateway 3DS working on the New Nintendo 3DS.”

Wow, that's actually a very interesting video. First things first, a few things: This is definitely a kernel exploit, or a very deep userland exploit, especially considering that they have the multirom selection in there as well as .cia support. And since they said it wouldn't require a host game, there's a very good chance for some good stuff to come out of this even outside of gateway 3ds flashcard. For one, a kernel exploit might mean emuNand support past 10.x, which is huge. There probably is though, a sort of catch here since they still did say to stay on 4.5. It could either mean missing features at this point, or it could mean that they didn't want everyone upgrading too early and having complaints about people updating and having no 9.x support. Still huge though.

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