Dot matrix printers were first introduced by Centronics in1970 and is a printer

Ie inkjet printers work by spraying ink is in the cartridge to the paper . Printout will be much smoother than the dot matrix . Printer ink today there are capable of printing with photo quality .
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Inkjet printer

Laserjet printer is a type that works like a copy machine . The ink used in the form of powder which is heated . Print quality is among the best laserjet printer on the printer type . In terms of price , laserjet printers more expensive than dot matrix printers and printer ink .
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Alternatively referred to as a pin printer, Dot matrix printers were first introduced by Centronics in1970 and is a printer that uses print heads to shoot ink or strike an ink ribbon to place hundreds to thousands of little dots to form text or images. Today, Dot matrix printers are rarely used or found because of the low quality print outs when compared to ink jet printers and laser printers. In the picture to the right, is an example of what a dot matrix printer may have looked like.

Pos Printer

The dot matrix replacer, inkjet printers are what are used in homes, offices, and virtually anywhere else where small to medium print volume is needed. Unlike their predecessors, impact isn’t needed since drops of ink are propelled onto paper. Best Printer Inkjet and its superior cousin, laser, can be hooked up to digital devices like cameras, laptops and cameras. These, together with low cost, great print quality, ability to print in color and comparatively quiet noise make it an asset. The drawbacks, meanwhile, include expensive replacement ink cartridges, occasional bleeding, water soluble ink and the tendency of the print head to clog every so often.
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