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Indie arthouse flicks

Sunday, northwest film hub

It's been more than 30 years since cinema goers were brought to renowned theater director andr gregory in louis malle's"My dinner with andr an extended conversation showcasing the friendship between gregory and actor wallace shawn.

"Andr gregory:Pre and post dinner"Is a personal profile of some other kind.Maded by gregory's second wife, cindy kleine("Phyllis but also harold"), It's a love letter to the fermentation artist.Kleine shoots her husband in your life and balances that footage with their history together and apart.

"Pre and post dinner"Is touching and helpful, celebrating a creative fervor that wasn't dulled by age.Saturday, movie theatre

While the infamously gory 1973 italian slasher flick"Entire body"Does have what one might widely call a plot, if we're being reliable, its narrative outline is mainly predicated on possibilities to show breasts and blood.Issues story dispenses with as many red herrings as it does red squibs, and the fakeness of the old school effects has an intentional cheesiness that's unexpectedly creepy.Most tend to strengthen what their mostly liberal audience already believes, making it a bit of a shock to find one that problems accepted norms.

Robert gem("Soil days")Knew what he was doing in creating"Pandora's assure, the pro nuclear energy film begins by producing a parade of environmentalists who have changed their tune on atomic power.

After that you will,"Pandora's insinuate"Sets out to clarify why, debunking allowed"Facts"About nuclear energy and making a case for an drawn future.Certain, it's a daughter sided, but so are most of environmentally friendly films out there.Whether stone sways you or even, could suit your budget to give 90 minutes toward setting the balance right.

Police arrest 16 as protesters delay tar sands megaload near john dayhorman couple due back in multnomah county court monday morning in custody case'sit lie' debate over portland homelessness will return to oregon legislature.

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