First, carefully plan your fencing arrangement. Check property lines closely and arrange crossfences to take maximum advantage of your situation. The fence line should, if possible, avoid rough, stony,decking plastic grained broken, steep areas. With electrified high-tensile fencing it is easier to zig zag a little rather than go straight over places which may need leveling or more posts and tie downs, and possibly more maintenance in the future.
In some situations it is advisable to level the area first. Where this is done, re-grass the area to prevent erosion and/or weed growth. Animals standing on grass get a greater electrical shock than when standing on bare soil.
Corner, End and Line Brace Assemblies
Corner-post and end-post assemblies are the backbone of the fence.[url=]Privacy fence for outdoor living space[/url] A properly tensioned hightensile fence puts a tremendous pull on these assemblies. Both corner and end assemblies must be strong enough to withstand this force. The key is to build them right and put them in deep. Some producers have literally ripped their corner- and/ or end-assemblies out of the ground while tightening the wires because the posts were set in the ground too shallow (Figure 6).
A corner post will need a brace assembly for each fence leading to it. When the fence is more than 200 feet long, it is best to use a double span assembly (Figure 7). The double span assembly is more than twice as strong as a single span. Set the corner posts leaning back from the direction of the fence approximately five degrees. Brace wire should pull in the opposite direction than the fence is pulling.
When a fence is more than 650 feet between corner posts,composite outdoor floor covering use braced line post assemblies every 650 feet in the fence line. A braced line assembly is the same as a single span braced corner, except a second diagonal brace wire is used to take fence pull in the opposite direction. In some situations, such as where adequate post depth cannot be achieved, additional bracing may be required to maintain tension.

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