12 strong matches in group A, the Chinese team 2 minus 3 2 points at the bottom, South Korea 3 wins and A draw 1 negative 10 points http://www.officialsfalconsauthenticshop.com ranked second.China and South Korea international grade A race between 33 times, the Chinese team 2-11-20.China and South Korea have 12 strong competition for the first time, the team's 2-3 defeat to South Korea.Passing game, the team's 8 fight 4 win 4 flat unbeaten in changsha, China and South Korea this time of the warring states period to return to the lucky, but the team's living four consecutive games without scoring in the heats.Starting compared with the last round, the team's four changes, Ceng Cheng, junmin hao, Mrs Wang, great treasure for YanJunLing, bowen huang, Wu Xi, yuning zhang.South Korea made five changes, pure Thai, Kim jin soo, hong, li rong, Gao Mingzhen replace Kim seung gyu, just park joo-ho, Jin Jixi, Kim chang-soo, cloth Min (2 yellow suspended). The opening is less than 1 minute, a rare zhe indirect free kick wave, zhang linpeng 30 metres long shots hit anti-aircraft guns, the team's first shot home. 18th minute, Li Ting association had cut inside the left above beam, South Korea also completed a foot against the door. On 29 minutes, born after lei frontcourt steals the ball, conveniently on the left side of the great treasure box, keep the ball left foot shot directly, it is a pity the ball didn't play power, pure Thai effortlessly the ball will be confiscated.Immediately after the national soccer team to complete Adrian Clayborn Youth Jersey the attack, South Korea's launch a fast counter-attack, nan tai city couple front right foot shot a curveball goal the bottom right hand corner, ball narrowly wide from the post, the team's dodged a bullet. 34th minute, dilute zhang zhe midfielder passing, zhang linpeng cut inside from the line on the right side of the ball, to the couple front left foot shot, the ball was hung just off the bottom line.Mrs Wang left corner, feint cover junmin hao, who got great treasure small area on the left side of the goalkeeper, the ball into the goal of the lower right corner.The team's passing in the set pieces, cover, and skipped the same goal, 1-0 ahead of South Korea!Great treasure of the goal, put an end to the team's goal 12 strong game for 406 minutes. undefined Use to create threat from set-pieces 42 minutes, South Korea, south tai city on the right corner, taking ji dong-won in front head, the ball a little higher, surprised out Ceng Cheng in a cold sweat. 45 minutes, hit a wall one-two, South Korea, Kim jin soo area on the left side of the ball across the middle find Li Ting association, the speed of the ball, the ball hit the Feng Xiaoting pop up on the bottom line, the team's nearly contribution oolong gift. The 58th minute, great treasure wide left after cutting inside an arrow shot from hiding, pure Thai embraced the ball. The 68th minute, the team's front right flow coordination, Wu Xi couple squirt, pure Thai good saves.Two minutes later, a rare outside zhe long shots, rubbed on the left side of the ball narrowly wide from the post. The 75th minute, nan tai bo left diagonal ball, ji dong-won close range header, Ceng Cheng again make outstanding saves kept itself does not break. The 81th minute, south city on the right corner, Kim shin-wook back on header, Wu Xi danger, in the line of the team's unity is strength, stubbornly Brenton Bersin Jersey resist the attack of the South Korea. The 89th minute, was Huang Xican near Yin Hongbo sideline ball down to the ground and Huang Xican play the ball with one Yin Hongbo, Feng Xiaoting expressed strong dissatisfaction, the two sides nearly conflict. undefined "After the voice" Lippi: I don't want to see the team's performance in the first half, the players played very conservative, don't have any fear hands and feet offensive force, but fortunately we scored.China held on to hope into the World Cup, but there is still distance second 5 points, so you also need to continue to work hard, keep the hope. Great treasure: the opening a bit tight, after all, is the wall, pressure a bit big, can't play in training to cooperate, after leading the play the better.I think most seize opportunities in the game, then thank coach to give me this opportunity.Starting from the 12 strong matches we haven't won victory, the victory is our victory, hope to go all out to play all the games. Ceng Cheng: marcello lippi for the team is very understand, he has been pay attention to each member state of technology and tactics, he will find best player for your request. Zheng: I was very excited, three points is a goal, we expected Ceng Cheng very well, today is the team play to the best of us.Thanks to fans and fans, in front of the TV fans gave us hope and great momentum, we are very confident for the back of the game.Lippi gave us an infusion to brave brave to scramble to fight bravely to stress, we did a good job today, South Korea today is not easy to play, this is football, as long as the pressure for the opposition, we can obtain the initiative, lippi to give us a lot of courage courage after the confidence, we still have room for improvement. Junmin hao: winning is everyone together today as a result, both on the pitch set-pieces, defensive or offensive forward, and so on to carry out the coach's tactics.For this group of players from the us, there is no fear of South Korea, 12 strong surface and a few games after the game, we want to seize, left the opportunity finally. ShiDiLi: failed to get score here, I'll be the first to apologize to south Korean fans and media come to China.Please don't blame the http://www.broncosfootballprosshop.com/Andy_Janovich_Jersey_Cheapplayers, they have done my best.I believe that as long as the team play well over the next four games, Russia is no problem.

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