Cashdrawers to our European customers

MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failure. This is the standard for measuring the average time between failure for any device. In the case of printers it is either the average number of lines printed before a failure occurs or the average feet of paper that can be printed before a failure occurs.
Mobile Label Printer

The high-speed favorites come from the TM-T88 (M244A, M129H, M129C, and M129B) family. The newest addition is the TM-T88V with speeds of up to 300mm/second, and 50% faster than the TM-T88IV. Ethernet, USB, and other newer interfaces are common for these printers. Cousins of these Epson thermal printers include the TM-T20 and the TM-T70. Thermal printers will keep your system flowing smoothly, and they can handle the spotlight.
Mobile Label Printer

Mid January 2014, we have started to ship the Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers and Cashdrawers to our European customers. As for the PosBox, we have already received most the hardware, but we are still waiting for the SD-Cards and power supplies. Wifi Pos PrinterThey are scheduled to arrive mid-February 2014, then we will sill need a few days to install the software and do the packaging.
Mobile Pos Printer

Payment card transactions are stored in the cloud using First Data's TransArmor tokenization system. Tokenization involves replacing card numbers while in transit and in storage with randomly-generated numbers that can't be deciphered by criminals.
Pos Label Printer

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