Gateway 3DS is a 3DS game flashcart. You can use it to play all the 3DS games with free. Gateway 3DS now support 3DS 9.0~9.2.0-20  and 4.1~4.5 3DS firmwares. Support both 3DS games and DS games. Almost 100% compatibility. It’s the most poweful flashcart.

Region Free: You can use it to play any region games. Both 3DS and DS games.
Multi-rom: Hold many games in one micro sd card. It’s amazing and useful. So you can change the games. Pokemon X&Y,Super smash Bro in the 3DS system directly.
Video review: Gateway working on New 3DS 9.2.0-20

Why can’t find Gateway 3DS in UK local shops ?
Gateway 3DS card and all the other 3DS flashcard are not legal to Nintendo company. So it’s not allowed in Europe. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can use it legally. That’s why you can find the 3DS flashcart,Gateway 3DS. If you want to buy the trusted Gateway 3DS flashcart, you should choose a trusted 3ds flashcart reseller. I recommend the which provide the best card and services.

What’s the Gateway 3DS flashcart price in UK ?
You will find that the Gateway 3DS price is much cheaper than the R4 cards. Why ? Because the Gateway 3DS is amost the best and most powerful 3DS flashcart. How about the pricie in UK. Because it’s selled online, so the price is about $70. If it’s lower than $70,you must be careful. Because it’s maybe a fake site. And your money can’t be get back.

Where to buy original Gateway 3DS for UK customers ?

ou can buy the Gateway 3DS from oiginal 3DS flashcart reseller:
DHL for Gateway 3DS?
Gateway 3DS is very expensive, the free shipping or normal air mail will take a long time. It’s not safe.
DHL express is very fast and safe. 3-7 working days UK
We provide more than 1300+ free 3DS game source,you can download directly
We provide https for accounts and payment. It’s very safe. The only 3ds flashcart which provide https safe.
we provide the best service for our customer.
7×24 hours online chat,emails will be reply within 24 hours(working days).

Gateway 3DS now working on 3DS 9.x and the 9.2.0-20 system. Support region free and unlimited 3DS games. Support 100% 3DS games. You can use it to run homebrews too. The Gateway 3DS is most worth to buy.

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