But the problem is not only on the comparison

EA Sports has revisited the physics of the ball, making it more reliable and realistic than ever. In FIFA 15, each touch of the ball will affect its trajectory, and the game will even take into  Cheap Fifa 16 Coins account how and where the ball was touched. As a result, the ball features more accurate, spin, curl and movement, so it acts more like you'd expect it to. Graphics matter, of course, FIFA 15 has increased better than FIFA 14.

Each player looks more detail than the contours of the body to the hair movement. This is done thanks to an increase in EA using Ignite Engine. But compared with the Fox Engine used in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, then the details on FIFA 15 still lost. Fox Engine is an extraordinary describe a player that looks more real. It is seen from the lighting effects, up to a very high detail.

The AI in FIFA 15 remains quick-witted and aggressive, though the same does not always hold true for your team. Often it is up to you to go and chase down a ball that is open, as your team members show a lack of willingness to dash alongside opposing players. Relying too much on your team members means your ball will be stolen, passes are botched, and even the occasional off-side.

But the problem is not only on the comparison of the engine alone, navigation comfort to sort among many menus are available become quite crucial points. Im already comfortable with the user interface (UI) of FIFA 14, are made more comfortable with the turn of Fifa 16 Coins  a few interfaces.http://www.fifaeasy.com/Fifa-17-Coins/

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