Recently, some media reported that the insider news, NBA players and now is the nightclub carnival fun, more prefer to rely on social media, social software to booty call.The popularity of this phenomenon, even affected the team's road, this season, the NBA league only 57.4% on average, home court advantage is not obvious more and more. An unnamed team manager, said the phenomenon is good, because when playing away from home is a game of time nervous, players don't need to go to nightclubs a waste of time, can save a lot of energy, assure Billy Butler Jersey enough sleep. A retired all-star player said: "that's true, now than 15 years ago, the players more sleep for at least 2 hours on the road." More and more commercialized, NBA star is becoming more and more emphasis on personal image.Is not just looking for a woman, even more restraint on drinking.Gradually no longer a coach, said: "the players go to night clubs, if you are photographed, public Albert Pujols Jersey relations media is very troublesome, will be ridiculed all day long." Harden is one of the biggest victims, he used to associate with kohler - Kim kardashian, itself or "club" the little prince, his teammates said he was in the nightclub played all night, the second day of the game can cut 30 points.However, after a series of farce last season, he completely buried private life this season in the public eye, and he also became the MVP candidate. In fact, if it's not like Kim kardashian deliberately hype, no one wants to know the players in the life partner who is doing what the date.Using social platforms booty call a nothing important also, but if like parsons, exaggeration and "hungry", will have a mockery.

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