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Huawei redefines smart router products

Although there have been more than 30 years of precipitation in the field of communications, Huawei has always used innovation as the standard in its products. From the perspective of users' practical use, it is a product that can truly solve industry problems.Huawei S2700 9Tp Si Ac Switch 8 Port Sfp With Optical Modules

In order to ensure the core competitiveness of the products, Huawei will invest R&D expenditures…


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Huawei WiFi Q2 Router Smart Home Control Center

As the world's leading communication equipment manufacturer, Huawei is committed to creating a smart, open connection platform, and in-depth cooperation with service providers and intelligent hardware manufacturers to bring consumers a better all-inclusive smart life. Huawei WiFi Q2 router can not only provide high-speed and stable full coverage wireless network, but also Huawei's control center to create a new smart home.Huawei S5700 EI…


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How do HUAWEI fiber cats be installed?

The way we used to connect before the Internet was connected by telephone lines. Since the popularity of optical fibers, all of them have been replaced by optical fibers. The reason why we use this HUAWEI optical fiber cat is that it looks small and exquisite. The following Xiaobian will share with you the function of HUAWEI 1U Lighweight 8 Ports 16 Ports GPON XG-PON OLT…


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What kind of stainless steel is not easy to rust?

First, the content of alloying elements, generally speaking, the content of chromium is not easily rusted in 10.5% of steel. The higher the chromium-nickel content, the better the corrosion resistance is. For example, the 304 material nickel content is 8-10%, and the chromium content is 18-20%. Such stainless steel will not rust under normal circumstances.201 304 321 430 SS etched plates embossed plate…


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Huawei Switches - Big Layer 2 and Virtual Machine-Aware Networks

The in-band mode borrows the principle of channel-associated signaling from mobile phones. The VDP (VSI Discovery and Configuration Protocol) protocol is defined in the IEEE 802.1Qbg standard. It uses an in-band protocol to sense the creation and migration of VMs between access switches and servers. The out-of-band mode uses the API provided by the virtualization management software vCenter to sense the VM through the nCenter (the VM network resource scheduling center responsible for VM…


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Meet the Future Radio and TV Data Center Network Solution

As mentioned above, the solution to meet the future radio and television data center network needs to have three characteristics: a high-reliability non-blocking network, a large layer 2 and a virtual machine-aware network, and an open intelligent network.384 port ADSL DSLAM Huawei MA5603T 10G GPON Access OLT

Highly resilient, non-blocking network

High flexibility: On the one hand, it shows that the…


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How do HUAWEI routers do not search 5G's WiFi signal

How do HUAWEI routers do not search 5G's WiFi signal

Glory router, Competitive HD 720p/1080p Video Conferencing System Equipment, glory route Pro support 2.4G and 5G dual band WiFi. That is to say, the terminals supporting 2.4G and 5G functions can scan to 2 SSID, one is the WiFi signal of 2.4G, the other is WiFi signal of 5G.

- the 2.4G WiFi signal is HUAWEI-XXXXXX by…


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S1700 Series Model Naming Rules

In the Huawei S series campus switches, there are many different models in each series, especially the mid- and low-end product series such as S1700, S2700, S3700, and S5700, which have a wide range of applications and many models. Each series The hardware configuration of each model is more or less different.Golden China Supplier 5700 48TP SI AC Huawei 48 Port SFP

Therefore, before introducing these switch series…


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Ethernet switch Nanjing Huawei S1700 spot 280 yuan

(Zhongguancun Online Jiangsu Market) The Huawei S1700-24 (AC) enterprise switch is a new generation of green energy-saving Ethernet access switches introduced by Huawei.Best Price Huawei Hg8245A 4Fe 2Pots Wifi Usb Gpon Ont In Stock

It provides simple and convenient installation and maintenance methods and rich business features to help users create a safe and reliable high-performance network, especially suitable…


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How to set up a telecommunication optical cat connection

How to set up a telecommunication optical cat connection wireless router

The computer has been very interested in, so once a problem is to make clear his home for the recent Telecom 169 packages, High Performace Cheap Huawei Gepon Gpon Epon OLT SmartAX MA5608T namely 20M fiber, the installation of four port optical cat (btw: light cat at present…


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Talking about Guangdong Foshan stainless steel tube manufacturer

A brief analysis of Foshan, Guangdong stainless steel pipe manufacturers a comprehensive analysis of the industrial development factors, with the vigorous development of Foshan, Guangdong stainless steel pipe industry, Foshan stainless steel pipe manufacturers are also rapidly developing, but the development is not easy, there are always pros and cons, the following We make a comprehensive analysis of the development factors of Foshan stainless steel pipe manufacturers.…


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Why can not enter the default tplink phone password management page?

Why can not enter the default tplink phone password management page?

Q: Why does not my mobile phone log in to tplogin.cn? Original New Huawei Ma5680T Olt Mainboard For Huawei can not enter tplogin.cn how to do? When setting up the TP-Link router with a mobile phone, after entering tplogin.cn in the mobile browser, you can not enter the setting interface. A: When setting up a…


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PPPoE dial-up settings can not be done after the completion of the Internet?

Analysis of set up the router WAN port PPPoE dial, if not on the network, please log into the Huawei Ipdslam Ma5616 Mini Ipdslam management interface, click on the running state of > > WAN and WAN if the export has been in a state of being connected, unable to connect successfully. As shown below:



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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers supply and demand growth

If not in accordance with the needs of downstream users tailor-made but to blindly blindly continue to produce, then the development of high-end steel is bound to continue the old road to overcapacity. Therefore, high-end steel products need to be more refined and customized to extend the industrial chain and provide better product value-added services, and promote the seamless pipe enterprises to change from seamless pipe material suppliers to product service providers. Therefore, to meet…


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2018 stainless steel tube manufacturers to explore the market

From 2013 to early 2014, the price of stainless steel pipe is basically in a slight concussion, after the price all the way down, until the end of 2015, from 2016 onwards, the price of stainless steel began to shock upstream. In recent years, the highest point in this year, simply from the price point of view the current price there is room for growth, but if taking into account the volume, then, or careful operation is better, especially during the "11" period, stainless steel tube factory…


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Stainless steel pipe manufacturers to promote steel market rose

Although the steel market in recent years, the "gold nine silver ten" seems to have been too strong persuasive, but for the construction industry, it is still "golden season." And this year is different from previous years, "land steel" banned, resulting in building materials market is "tough." In this case, "gold nine silver ten" will be with the steel city, to support steel prices remain high to run.Stainless steel exports,Stainless steel…


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3.3 Welding technology of stainless steel welded pipe

The progress of the welding process has accelerated the development of stainless steel pipe production, and the application of various welding methods has further improved the welding quality and productivity.jiangsu steel Group Co. Ltd

At present, the industrial application of stainless steel welding methods are mainly TIG welding, high frequency welding, plasma arc welding, the most used is TIG welding and high frequency welding.…


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July stainless steel trend

June scrap stainless steel steady strength. The beginning of the demand and the continued weakness in nickel prices under the influence of the overall maintained at low operation. Nippon Lun Nickel rebounded, but because of the purchase price of steel mills led to intense competition.304 stainless steel sheet&coil

Late in the London nickel rose and the effect of the rapid pull up, the market quickly pulled up, large steel…


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Stainless steel commonly used cold forming method

(1) rubber liner molding using rubber liner molding technology can significantly reduce the mold processing costs, can be used to produce small quantities of products. The molding mechanism used in this technique is made of a material that is not costly, for example, with a hardwood or reinforced epoxy resin for a male mold, and a rubber pad is used to make a female mold. The rubber may be a solid rubber block, or it may be a layered rubber block having a depth about 30% higher than the…


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Galvanized sheet edge of the installation of luminous characters

1. Paste the word on the good position in the installation position, the people after the alignment hole with a drill hole holes in each hole to wear a red line out of a white line, then the word above the word line with the white line red line link;Stainless steel strip

2. All of the above 1 wires are connected in parallel and connected in groups of 2 or 1. That is, all the white line together, all the red line together, the white…


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