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How to fix the wooden floor cracks?

maintenance on composite decking installed or used improperly, are prone to cracks. Usually wooden floor crack crack, cracked, seizing. That wooden floor cracks can fix it? Cracks form of wood flooring: wood flooring wood floor cracking generally ends, easy to find; wooden floor cracked refers wooden floors but difficult to measure cracks, cracks slender, easy to find; wood seizing wood floor bagging or tile change caused by the…


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When the kitchen fell in love with bamboo flooring

wholesale eco floor in today's environment is very common, as more and more consumer recognition of the wooden floor, in addition to interior designers increasingly willing to show in the past did not dare wooden floor laying places, such as bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, windows and the like. As long as there is proper installation methods and careful maintenance, in these special places will also wooden floors shine in. The kitchen is an easy…


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How about wood floor oil wax than wood floor

The main component of unique flooring ideas oils are acrylic acid and water, better than the wax hardness than the wax holding a long time, (professional operation) high brightness than wax. However, wood oils also have drawbacks. First, the wood floor oil can not be cleared (not cleared oil domestic product), and therefore, after long-term use, there will be ldquo; fogging rdquo; phenomenon, dry floor surface. Thus, like floor…


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Parquet lacquers FAQ and maintenance methods

The main difference between the wholesale eco floor paint and PU paint is different from the process of their craft. Light wood floor paint curing process used when pouring paint polluting, more environmentally friendly than the PV paint on workers' health and protection of the environment is good, from the production point of view, wood floor paint is a replacement product. For buyers, the finished floor is already in the process, so that paint…


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Fitted with wood flooring Full What are the benefits

Many home improvement, have chosen to shop wooden bedroom cost of above ground pool board, while the rest of the ground floor tile or other decorative materials, methods, which, some high-end designers reacted strongly, they stood specializing in the design point of view, consistent with the public push flooring Wall to installed, look at their reason for it. [Full laying wood flooring is more environmentally friendly With the…


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Wood floor mainly depends on a four-point inspection

buy wooden garden fence kit direct impact on the quality of living and housing overall appearance. So during the inspection room, wood floor fitting room full acceptance is the acceptance process is an important part. According to professional home inspector introduction: currently furbished wooden floor is quite conspicuous. First, look at the color of wood flooring are the same if the color is too large, directly affect the…


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How to evaluate the quality of the wood floor paint?

Forming a transparent paint finish (varnish) and opaque versions, quality cost for lock dry decking finishes should have the following aspects of quality characteristics: (1) wood coating exterior color, transparent finishing, color should be bright uniform, grainy clear; (2) the shape of the wood floor paint surface should be smooth, not Subsistence sagging, shrinkage, rising edge, bubbling, wrinkled skin and other…


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Wood flooring how classification

Many consumers would choose composite board for basement floors interior decoration, but wooden floors classification is very vague. That wood flooring how classified it? According to the structure and materials of wood flooring to points, it can be summarized in five categories. The first solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is made of natural materials wood, processing of machinery and equipment, the floor is characterized…


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Which is good solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring What are the advantages?

What kind of wood flooring good, solid wood flooring in recent years to seize the market, and strive to push to attract consumers to buy new goods. Recently, the peace of mind this year launched a new how to cut wpc flooring solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring surface pattern diversity, which is itself irregular shape can be formed with different primer Living, colorful visual effects. Wood floor surface for high-quality…


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SHOP warm wooden flooring, be sure to use warm dedicated floor

Now on the market, all exterior wpc floor all say can be used in floor heating. There are many factory sales personnel, even to warm what is not seen, dare to tell the customer can do to warm with. Here, at ease flooring experts tell you: warm wood floors and warm wooden floors non-strict range boundaries, so shop to warm wooden floors must choose to warm the dedicated floor. So what is special floor to warm it? Experts, geothermal floor must be…


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Laminate flooring Maintenance 5 Key

The decoration is a major event for each family, if taken in the process of being cheated, even a small house decorated luxury living together again is not liking. Refurbished home owners should first understand their own head what type of installed wood floor, after renovation work was completed routine maintenance can not be slack, properly protect the floor can prolong life. After all, who do not want a hard renovation effort in vain. Here we take a look at five key maintenance…


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Laminate flooring Origin will determine the floor price for me

replacing kitchen cabinets consumer market problems and consumer easily overlooked. Relevant data show that laminate flooring accounted for about 70% market share of the entire floor. To strengthen the floor of origin and the price, is uneven, expert analysis, laminate flooring origin affect the price more than 100 yuan per square meter in the brand, quality can only be guaranteed, some consumers over the pursuit of…


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Laminate flooring export integrated marketing breakthroughs

Laminate flooring exports pick up, as part of its inexpensive patio pavers export industry has also started to recover. But in the home industry segments among the flooring market status quo but not as ideal as people expected. In particular, some conventional main export direction flooring business, the current day is not too bad. By cost pressures and the impact of the international environment, small scale floor laminate…


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Laminate flooring keel and do not fight keel fitted with distinction

Laminate flooring keel: railroad tie grip non skid decking its special structure, comfortable, and laminate flooring can hit the floor keel comparable overlay keel not only superfluous, but also increase the noise. Laminate flooring keel Not geothermal conditions: Due to strengthen the insulation performance of the floor, underfloor heating is not easy to rise, warm achieving the desired heating effect. So mute cork flooring is…


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After the laminate flooring material soaked 2

Different types of hardwood plywood market growth 2015 soaked, processing method, the processing time there are some differences. Laminate flooring damp larger expansion coefficient, water vapor enters the interior floor, it will bent. If a large area of ??flood damage laminate flooring, it is difficult to solve through dry the surface moisture. Preferably pry floor reinstalled. Recommendations promptly notify the service at the…


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Strengthen the floor price of the service

Strengthen the development of the picnic table with compost boards industry has entered a mature stage, also in the flooring industry brand competition increasingly fierce, cut-throat competition among floor common market, on the other hand to strengthen the floor of the price war will not be able to maintain, and many businesses will look into aftermarket floor Service on this breakthrough. Improve people's living standards and…


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What is the composition of laminate flooring, what is laminate flooring?

diy composite deck kits in Eastman Anhalt from the wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer, balance layer. Advantages wear: Non-metallic paintwork about 10 to 30 times more than decorative floor; beautiful: the available computer simulation of a variety of wood grain and patterns, colors; stability: completely broken the original timber organization, undermining the anisotropy and swelling shrinkage characteristics, size…


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flooring brand consumers need to be careful the first three products

Today decorate outside wood play house brand, the merchant may sell high trickery or OEM designer rdquo; floor. Laminate flooring and its own brand in the newspaper also see a lot of some of the reports of excessive formaldehyde emission floor, so the house when installed in order to plan a peace of mind, we chose a quite well-known on the floor, the result house Bahrain, accidentally saw on the floor specifications are not…


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Laminate flooring project board how anti-corrosion

First selection. Currently on the market composite decking for marina project board ships have been a high-pressure drying, stereotypes, painting three processes, all kinds of tree insects and eggs so the wood itself has been basically eliminated, as long as pay attention to the election when choosing laminate flooring project board those who have no poles, mildew, and moisture content scar laminate flooring project board…


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Laminate flooring brand which is better?

Currently, a lot of cheap decking styles for around pool brands, a lot of quality, but off of laminate flooring, allowing consumers to suffer, then laminate flooring brands which better? Laminate flooring brand is good, it can be judged from the following aspects: 1. Look strengthen the floor wear revolution has reached the national standard, you can ask the seller to produce the relevant national credentials. 2. Strengthening of…


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