Good heavy metal bands new Song of love

Good heavy metal bands new Song of love

Metal calms, science says
A study by the University of Queensland assures that the heavy and other styles provoke in the listener an effect similar to that of a hug Anyone who has a metalhead friend knows it: under the hair, the black clothes, the angry pose and the noise, good heavy metal bands new almost there is always someone calm and affable. Now, however, this unwritten theory has scientific support or, at least, one of those studies that claim to be so. good heavy metal bands new .

The University of Queensland has published an article in which other works that saw a relationship between aggressive music and criminal tendencies are rebuffed. According to the doctor in psychology Genevieve Dingle, the effect of extreme styles like metal is, on the contrary, so calming "like a hug". good heavy metal bands new

According to the study, based on the reactions of 39 fans to these musical genres between 18 and 34 years old, this music "helps to process anger" and "regulates sadness". "When they're angry," good heavy metal bands new explains student Leah Sharman, "extreme music fans like to listen to music that can match that anger." The results show that the individuals subjected to the tests saw how their levels of hostility and stress were reduced after listening to these songs. good heavy metal bands new
The participants were subjected to 16 minutes of "inducement to anger", in which they were asked to talk about issues that caused them some type of discomfort, such as work or money. good heavy metal bands new Then they could listen to music of their choice for 10 minutes, and for another ten they remained in absolute silence. Among the genres used are, in addition to metal, hardcore, punk or screamo. good heavy metal bands new

The results of the study seem clear, but they also leave a window open to doubt. good heavy metal bands new Would these data be repeated without the individuals being in the solitude of their room and not monitored in a laboratory? In the absence of scientific confirmation, it seems that what many suspected was fulfilled: the metal tames the beasts. good heavy metal bands new

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