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(850) 312-3124 Hire a Private Bartender in Pensacola, FL. for your wedding reception, corporate party, Christmas Party or other special event in or around the Pensacola, FL. area.

If you would like to hire a personal bartender in Pensacola, FL. for your company party or other specific event, you don’t need to go any further than Gulf Coast Bartenders. All of our group of bartenders are fun and professional and will present a touch of elegance to your wedding or special day. You will always get a real professional bartender who recognizes how to have fun with your guests and mix them well-made and delightful beverages every time. You will never have the disappointing experience of getting a bartender who is using your special occasion as practice for a real job. We are professional bartenders and only choose the most skilled bartenders in and around the Pensacola, FL. area to work with us. We know you want enjoyable, professional and good looking bartenders for your wedding and that’s what Gulf Coast Bartenders gives you.
All of our bartenders have studied thorough alcohol awareness and safety classes so not only are they concerned with having a great time, but also with skilled beverage service and the safety of everyone who attends your wedding or event. Several of our bartenders are also TIPS certified which positions them among the top 10% of all professional bartenders. Gulf Coast Bartenders can also provide great wait staff or party servers for your special occasion to help restock buffet food, clear tables and/ or provide formal meal service and clean up.
If you are putting together a party or special event in or around the Pensacola, FL. area, Gulf Coast Bartenders can assist you with all of your party requirements from A to Z. We also provide a handy party planning guide on our website at

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