Airborne Mark - "Concrete Envelopes" Music Video

Produced by Bartosz Sczesny
Mastered at The Lab Studios London

Filmed and Edited by Bernardo Bacciardi
Make up: Nora Belovai
Thank you Hayley Connaughton, Nicolas Forlani and Agota Vera

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Verse 1.

A bucket of paint
A roller and a brush
A handful of caps
Montana cans
An empty fridge
Worn out shoes
Overdrawn card
Sketchbooks are full
Snake-book, Twitter,
Insta-damn, Flicker
Stats are red
but I'm still not eating
Giddy up daemons
I'm getting up
My name so high
Leaving no blanks
We never slaved from 9 to 5
We built this town
Line after line
All we're left with
Rainbow lungs
And dirty palms
Rascals unite
All city canvas
Most Wanted
Zero Dark Thirty
London bridge
Is falling down
falling down

With a splintered heart
And a quick hand
I'm writing my name
Each soul needs space
Concrete envelopes
In God's lost mail

Verse 2.
I am a child who survived
Day dreamer
Falling asleep to wake up
I am when I still my mind
Seen your kind before
You're reaching for what you can't have
Preaching riches, followed by sheeples
I need no saviors
This booth is my steeple
I was saved once

Every pay day
Encouraged to clear my account

10 percent
Shepherds in expensive cars
My pockets with no bus fare to church
I fat-cap over your dogmas
Bearers of fake light
I need no melanoma
Tonight I'm binging on ambrosia
A free thinker
A trespassing spirit
Your walls, our city,
My crew my brethren
These ladders are
my stairway to heaven
Chorus x 5

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