Your Opinion On Bestiary Staying In PoE Permanently

What's your opinion about Bestiary staying in Path of Exile permanently? Yes or no? I think the league is too intrusive with the nets and capture mechanic for what it offers. I dread having to use nets forever. If they want bestiary to remain they should autocapture yellow/red beasts on kill.

I'd like for the yellow/red beasts to remain. They offer a decent variety to encounters, although they may want to tone down drops from yellow beasts slightly and improve drops from red beasts in turn.

The crafting part does have a bit of potential if the UI gets refined and such, so it should stay if they can be bothered improving it. But definitely no nets! Let's take a look at the opinions of other chaos orbs poe collectors:

1. Yeah, I definitely don't want nets to continue cluttering up loot in the game permanently. I'd be okay with requiring us to use nets, but it just stays as an action button with a short CD, rather than being an actual item.

2. Nah, high level nets are amazing for low level stuff, they one shot everything, even the uniques, and obviously the rares. They indicate which level they're effective against, but i'm not sure why they indicate a lower bound, maybe they have one to say "don't waste your higher level nets on low level mobs"? Anyway, if you have plenty to waste, then definitely use them when leveling, it's great.

3. I disagree on it being intrusive. A mechanic has to be mandatory or so insanely powerful it might as well be mandatory in order to be intrusive. It's perfectly reasonable for someone to completely filter all nets and just forget Bestiary exists. It's way less intrusive than, say having to deal with league stones every 3 maps or sextant blocking.

4. Yeah, the nets are the big drag on this league as the idea of a core mechanic. I think the only thing I'd truly miss if bestiary wasn't implemented into the core game is the aspect skills. Those are really interesting and fairly different from other reservation skills. I'd like it if GGG found a way to keep them around.

5. Yes. The problem I have about Bestiary is mostly about UI and bug (and why the hell you can't culled unwanted beast), the system work well for me, yellow beasts can be targeted hunted and some recipes (EX: remove suffix/prefix, add prefix/suffix) are so underrated by most people, made a sick crit elder astral through this with very little investment.

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