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Original Title: Yakeen

Genge: Action,Crime,Romance,Thriller,Mystery

















































Rajesh loves Rita and asks for her hand in marriage from her mother, and is accepted. Then, intrique surrounds his life when he discovers the lifeless body of his doctor, on informing the police, they discover the corpse has vanished. To assist the police uncover this consipiracy, Rajesh goes undercover, only to be caught by the people responsible and a look-alike takes his place. Excellent acting scores, and memorable songs: "Yakin karlo mujhe muhobat hai tumse tumse, meri yeh duniya hasin rangat hai tumse, tumse...."; "Baharon ki baarat aa gai, khushi ko leke saath aa gai, suno to mere dil, suno to meri jaan, hoton pe dil ki baat aa gai..."; "Gar tum bula na dhoghe, sapne yeh sach hi honge, hum tum juda na honge..."; "Bach ke kahan jaoge, bachke kahan jaoge..."
Rajesh Sharma, working with the Indian Government on a top secret research project, has to deal with enemy agents, explosions, murder and last but not least a dangerous look-alike.
The first James Bond movie came in 1962 and with "Dr. No" and "Goldfinger" Hindi Movies too saw this new genre filled with action, adventure, suspense , and thrills. Well, such films won't linger much in your mind except you would get glued till the film lasts. Same applies with this film in which Dharmendra plays a scientist who gets double crossed by his dangerous look alike who tends to blow his laboratory. Though the film is indeed a copy of 60s James Bond movie, the film is quite entertaining as the film doesn't get Indianised much and stays with its theme. The protagonists and villains don't leave that impact through their acting, but they are still OK. But a special mention should go to David as a CBI officer. Overall, it's fairly welcome film; which though not a classic and won't remain much with you, still entertains as long as it lasts.

Rating: 1 star out of 4 Good film starring Dharmendra as the scientist on a secret mission, and lots of international twists and turns which are rare for films of 1969... The action and suspense keeps heightening , the hallmarks of Brij the director who went onto make thrillers like Victoria 203 etc later on.. Sharmila Tagore wears trendy dresses and makes a good heroine.. Murders, kidnaps and impostors and a satisfying climax .. There are some hummable numbers from Mohd Rafi and Lata and shot in exotic locations..You get to see Mozambique , in 1970s and a nice cabaret number by the ever so dependable Helen and some bely dancer to boot! what more do you need on a lazy evening?


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