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Land of Fire - A nation of vast lands, inhabited by worshipers of Fire God’s daughter, the divine ambassador. Situated on the fringe of the world and without national border security, year after year this nation unwillingly invites countless nomads. Among them is this man, Jinbei Kaname.

◇◇Game Overview
WINDSHIFT is a game with elements of both a strategy battle RPG and an adventure.
Note: Controllers supported
◇Strategy Battle RPG (Command-Operated)
Battles are coming your way, triggered by certain events or while you move about the game field. Fight your battles with easy-to-operate commands, and earn experience points and money by defeating enemies. Experience points will advance you to higher stages and let you master powerful lethal moves.
Make the most of your powerful lethal moves to beat your enemies.
Be careful though! Using certain lethal moves will drain your attack power (AP), and without it, your probability of successful attacks will dramatically decrease. It’s important that you build a strategy by carefully considering when to use your lethal moves and recovery items.
As you proceed with the game, you will encounter characters who will become your companions. The skills they learn are different from the main character’s, so be sure to make the most of the accompanying characters and their powers as well.

You can obtain recovery items at town stores and village stores. Stock up frequently on these items so that you can fight battles with the upper hand against formidable enemies. Items may also be found within treasure chests in other places such as dungeons.

The adventure scenes of this game are fully voiced in Japanese with English subtitles. The adventure part alone is over 2 hours long in total. Be sure to immerse yourself in our world of extraordinary stories, brought alive by Japan’s first-rate voice actors.

◇Game Length
The average length is approximately 20 hours, which may look rather short, but this game has plenty of features to satisfy all kinds of completionists. We hope this game will be an addition to your long-time favorites.

◇Operation Manual
You can download the operation manual from the store page. Please read before you start the game.

◇End Credits
Theme Song: «Suisei (Comet)»
Performed by Saya Horigome
Written, Composed and Arranged by KUM+

◇character voice acter

Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Release Date: 25 May, 2019


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Update 260:

Bugs fixed. Version 252:
Bugs. Update 410:
April 18, 2019

Fixed Bugs
  • Sometimes the wrong character is referred to when trying to move to an inaccesible location
  • Chapter 5 hint in a dark tunnel has been changed as it was misleading players.
  • The curtain of moss in chapter 7 is better understood by the parser.
  • Sometimes Gillig got confused in the darkness and refused to move forward at all.
  • Corrected the summary given at start of Chapter 5 when nothing yet done in the chapter.
  • Dropping a lit torch did not operate correctly by the firepit
  • Go down passageway no longer takes you down the stairs instead.
  • Voice overs updated
. Version 214:

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